Things to Consider: Buying 


When you're buying a home you needpertinent facts about the house, the neighborhood and he vommunity.  For Exsmple, is the asking price too high?  Was the house ever a grow-op?  Is there convenient public transit?  Can you buld a second storey?  Are you allowed to rent out the basement?


There are countless questions when it comes to buying a house and your REALTORS know how to find the answer.  They do the homework so that you can make an informed decision - and get the best possible outcome.

Questions to Ask when Buying

    • Has the area ever flooded?
    • Can we rent the basement Out?
    • Can a housing development spring up in those fields?
    • Where exactly is the property line?
    • Is overnight street parking legal for owners
    • How Close will the new highway be?
    • Can we put an addition on the house?

Source:Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA)