Tim Westlake - Broker of Record

Tim grew up in Huron County in Zurich,Ontario.  He received a B.A from the University of Western in London,Ontario, in 1993 followed by an M.B.A from the European University in Brussel, Belgium in 1994.  

Subsequent to graduation, Tim began working for Scotia Bank in Toronto in their corporate credit department. After becoming well versed in credit anaysis, Tim then joined JJ Barnicke as a real estate anayst in the Investment Sales Group where he coordinated property specific cashflow analysis, lease analysis and due dillgence for marketing purposes.  Tim was integrally involved in large single asset and portfolio sales.  

Since 2001, Tim has been a licensed realtor in Ontario. Tim then jined TD Seciurities as a lead underwriter for Commercial Real Estate group.  In 2004, Tim was by recruited DBRS and began rating commercial mortgage back securities (CMBS) Tim was responsible for the Canadian and European Operations.

In 2009, left DBRS and became Broker of Record and established his own full service independent Real  Estate Brokerage. In 2016 Tim incorporated 3 Points Realty Inc and begain to list residential homes in Ontario.