Things to Consider: Selling

If you’re selling a home, there’s a lot to be done and a lot to know. For example, you want to present your home in its best light so that you can realize its full value. But do you really have to renovate the kitchen—or will simply painting it do? What is your house really worth? Do you have to include all your fixtures in the deal? Should you accept a low bid—or wait for a better offer?

There are countless questions when it comes to selling a house, and your REALTORS® can help you with the answers. They do the homework so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

Questions to ask when Selling:

  • Is it worth updating the kitchen before we list the house?
  • Is staging the house worthwhile?
  • My neighbour’s yard is a junk heap. What can I do about that?
  • The windows are pretty old—is that a problem?
  • Do I have to include all of the fixtures?
  • Can we change the closing date?

Source:Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA)